I do not usually read the comments before adding my two cents worth on an author's work. However, this time, I did take the time. I found some moving, some beautiful, and one or two perhaps a little clueless. Perhaps that is after years of watching programs such as "Criminal Minds," "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (Sex Crimes)," and not a few actual crime re-enactments procedural documentaries.

I was very grateful for the lack of explicit gore regarding human on human violence, trapping descriptions were more than sufficient. The writer displayed an almost Hitchcock-like ability to merely infer feelings of terror, abandonment, desperation, confusion, and the need to survive at what cost.

Denfeld is great at character development as well as plot and keeping the reader wondering what was going to happen next. I am looking to read more of Her books. Unfortunately, children, people go missing every day. There are limited resources to find them. I am glad for Denfeld and people like her to do her kind of work. It takes skill, a strong will, a strong body and mind, and most of all a huge heart - one that can break little by little and keep coming back to help the next person who needs to be found.

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