When it comes to "coming-out-of-the-closet" (Ha! Get the pun?), you can be sure that a star "Monster Incorporated" employee, such as Sulley or Randall, are the type of monsters who don't mess around. No. These guys mean business when they step out from behind a child's closet door.

For the most part, I enjoyed Monsters Inc. and found it to be quite imaginative as it told its cute, little tale of forbidden friendship and defying authority.

Set in the make-believe world of Monstropolis, where everyone's a literal monster (but usually a nice monster), we find that this urban centre's electrical power is generated from harnessing the screams of human children who are, nightly, scared out of their wits by the hideous, growling creatures who emerge, like demons, from out of their darkened, bedroom closets.

As we soon discover - A monster is, of course, forbidden to ever come into direct contact with a child, as the touch of these beings is both more toxic & deadly than any plague or disease imaginable.

Directed by Pete Docter (writer of Toy Story, Wall-E, Up), Monsters Inc. is a delightfully colourful, CG animated tale which tells us, plain & simple, that laughter is, indeed, 10x more powerful than a scream.

2 thumbs-up to Pixar Studios for delivering this good-natured, little gem that's sure to entertain audiences of all ages.

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