Peniel returns in the A.D. Chronicles' second book. While blindness is a recurring theme in First Light, leprosy stars in Second Touch. This novel explores the lives of those viewed as the living dead by society, as well as the hope that is found in Jesus, and the tolerance we should all learn.
Hope is thin for the residents of the Valley of Mak'ob, a colony of lepers seeking safety and shelter in numbers. Their paths are fated to cross with the One who has come to heal the broken of the world, though - and their journey is only beginning. Peniel, meanwhile, is struggling to understand his purpose in life and how to live in a manner worthy of his miraculous healing. While his eyes may be healed, Peniel still has much growth left, now that he sees the world with the judgment that comes with vision. In the broken city of Jerusalem, a couple hopelessly in love are yet to find the Truth that will save them. At what cost will they try to defy the Earthly powers that seek to subjugate them?
Although other reviewers have called Second Touch trite, predictable, and drawn-out, I found that the story was just as deep as the first. The characters continue to grow in each of the A.D. Chronicles in a complex way. Of course every character is driven to find mercy with Jesus (Yeshua): it is a thoroughly religious book with a compelling view of broken humanity and the Love that came to save us all. The characters face challenge after challenge, including ignorance, betrayal, isolation, and physical burdens (including death). But each challenge brings them a little closer to being open to Grace. How beautiful is that?
I, for one, will be reading all 12 books in the series, and I highly recommend that you too face the sometimes challenging writing in order to challenge your own faith. This book has compelled me to more closely study the Bible, and I think that alone (as well as the passionately built characters and intricate plot) is worth the read.

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