Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged

Part I

DVD - 2011
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The year is 2016, and America is on the verge of economic disaster. The greatest citizens are being targeted, and dark forces are working to bring about America's final days. A powerful railroad executive, Dagny Taggart, struggles to keep her business alive while society is crumbling around her.
Publisher: Beverly Hills, CA : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2011
Branch Call Number: ATL
Characteristics: 1 videodisc (97 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in


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May 08, 2018

This movie is very boring!
It is all about billionaires crying over the railroad monopoly. I'm not interested in watching the 3 part series after watching this. I have no interest in watching very wealthy people get richer.

SPPL_Violet Mar 26, 2018

Oy vey. I don't think John Galt or Dagny Taggart would want to be associated with this movie.

Mar 17, 2018

This work carries the philosophy of "survive the fittest." It tells about the evils of socialism and the glory of free enterprise/competition. There is a book in BPL about this philosophy, and its author is Solomon Tulbure. I don't write down the title here for good reasons, but if you are a serious thinker and not too lazy to find that book in BPL and read it, you find outspoken, interesting stuff there. Socialism, according to Aldous Huxley, is the opposite of "survive the fittest" and, Huxley says, it leads to a big growth of the proportion of the unfit in society. There emerges the problem of population growth, which is limited by the limits of the size of the Earth. On the other hand, the glorification of individual selfishness means competition at all levels and constant conflict. That is not acceptable on the global level either. I will let you think on your own, but get info before you do that. I suggest you look up in Wikipedia the info about a biologist, Dr. Erik Pianka, who offered solution for the first part of this dilemma. Read in Wikipedia about the lecture of Dr. Pianka at the Texas Academy of Science in 2006. As for the problem of free competition, it can exist only for a limited time, if we want to avoid constant wars - there are plans for the future of Mankind, and those envisage neither socialism nor free capitalism. Consumerism cannot continue for long, it would lead to crisis, and a new economic system is in view, which is a kind of scientific dictatorship and a sort of slavery. A new humanoid race will be developed genetically for the working class, and the original, fit human elite will be kept in line by the intransigent rules of their own group. The development of a selfless, peaceful and highly performing humanoid is seriously in the plans - I heard and recorded in 2003 from the French Canadian radio a 35 min. program, where they discussed, from Laval University, a report of the "Bio-Ethics Commission" of Bush Jr., which said that they plan to create the new, selfless, obedient, peaceful worker humanoid type for the future, as the working class. The society of the future will be two-tier, with rulers and servants only, and no competition. They mentioned there 4 points for the genetic plan. 1-Intervention in the infants (the ovule), 2- Increase individual performance (increase also the memory and reduce sleep), 3- Create an ageless body, 4- Create peace of mind and psychic happiness. Competitive consumer society is only temporary, so this Rand stuff is not the ultimate solution with its glorification of individual selfishness. Individualism in the future of Mankind will be partly erased and very controlled. Read Solomon Tulbure's book, read what Dr. Erik Pianka proffers (it's said plainly in Wikipedia), and also read Arthur Koestler's book: "The Ghost In The Machine" to have an idea of our probable future.

Jul 17, 2017

Someone finally put Ayn Rand's classic onto the screen. // Her story/philosophy addressed interesting issues and questions -- many of which remain relevant and problematic some 60 years later. Watching the special features included in Part 1 may be helpful to those (like me) who have not read the book. // Unfortunately, despite using many well-known faces, the new casts for each of the three parts/installments were a distraction. // Notable actors included: Taylor Schilling (pre-OITNB) in Part I; Jason Beghe (pre-Chicago Fire/PD) and Patrick Fabian (pre-Better Call Saul) in Part II; Greg Germann and Rob Morrow in Part III. // Having watched this trilogy, I may read the book.

Mar 11, 2016

Sociopolitical elements aside, this first movie was fairly absorbing. Though not a big fan of corruption and power struggle themes, I found myself rooting for the good guys.
The third movie however, was another story.

Jan 18, 2016

Rated 4/10.

LRS1969 Apr 17, 2015

As this story line (a 3-part movie series) parallels the book of same name, I will simply post the main segment of my Review of book here.

I had read (with much effort) this book years ago and recently "re-visited" it with a scanning.

And likewise had, over subsequent months, checked out these multi-part movies as based on that book (and equally difficult to get through... having some antiacid tablets on hand did help slightly).

Aside from mentioning the fact that it is an absolutely horrific book (in these cases, movies) to wade through (excessively long, poorly written, extremely self-pitying while tremendously egotistical), the fact of it being one of the iconic books of the ultra conservative movement (to include a large number of fundamentalist type Christians even) is the heights of hypocrisy and irony...

That is in seeing as how Rand (not her native name) was born in Russia and a lifelong atheist, believed strongly in and practiced fully an "open marriage" (adultry) concept, and who virulently attacked Social Security and Medicare though once her husband and her had needs for those programs (*) did NOT hesitate to use them!

(*) Having attacked the anti smoking movement for years, she of course developed lung cancer in 1974 and died of smoking related heart attack in 1982... and gladly used those government help programs.

Rather than get into more (much more) about this book and the author, I would just direct those interested to these links:

P. S. The multi-part movies (as reflected here) done as based on this book are all simply poorly done and equally nauseating versions of the book.

ecrl Apr 11, 2015

Excellent movie, very well done with excellent actors, a must see for anyone. Makers transported the 1940's era to the present very well.

redban Feb 17, 2015

“There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs."

NewYorkViews Nov 13, 2014

This does not seem like a big movie screen theater film, but as a TV screen film, it is great, fantastic. Great casting and acting, basic setting design that works for a TV movie. It follows the book, and if I had not read the book, the film may not have seemed as good. I give it five stars for a TV movie. I could watch it over and over--it is an escape film like The Great Gatsby, just different subject matter. Atlas Shrugged 1 has romance, high powered female exec who is also an engineer, new technology--steel, railroads--just a fabulously interesting creative twist with a bit of sci-fi added.

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turbo12 thinks this title is suitable for 15 years and over

btmslt Jun 08, 2013

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susienor Jan 25, 2013

susienor thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

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EuSei Oct 19, 2011

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EuSei Aug 15, 2012

I thought by the time the sun was exhausted, men would find a substitute. Dagny Taggart (this is my favorite quote!)

EuSei Jan 04, 2012

Paul Larkin: They say you're intractable, you're ruthless, your only goal is to make money. Henry Rearden: My only goal is to make money.

EuSei Dec 16, 2011

Dagny Taggart: You'd be surprised how quickly things get done when you do some actual work and don't rely on political favors.

EuSei Dec 16, 2011

Midas Mulligan: Who's asking? John Galt: Someone who knows what it's like to work for himself and not let others feed off the profits of his energy.

EuSei Dec 16, 2011

Paul Larkin: They say you're intractable, you're ruthless, your only goal is to make money. Henry Rearden: My only goal is to make money.


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Jul 07, 2013

Sexual Content: Sex scenes are pretty tasteful, but involve adultery


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