Braving the Wilderness

Braving the Wilderness

The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

Book - 2017
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Jun 09, 2019

Brilliant. So informative, so well written and well told.

DanielVaniel May 14, 2019

She does a beautiful job of bringing to light in clear & compassionate terms the struggle to remain both authentic & empathetic in a diverse & at-times divisive world of opinions & broken journeys. The section about dehumanization is nothing less than stunning & useful to all extremes (This week alone I've overheard more than 1 threat of violence directed toward the opposite political "wings").

This book is a cornerstone, & I believe an imperative in social & academic circles going forward.

CarleeMcDot Feb 22, 2019

I have read another one of Brené's books, so when I saw this one become available at the library I decided it was time to give it a read. The book is a couple years old already, but it is just as relevant for today's political climate as it was then. Her research delves into how we can find true belonging and have the courage to stand alone (even when it's tough and vulnerable, because it is necessary and worth it!). This is not a book grandstanding and telling us that everyone should hold hands and sing kumbaya, but it is saying that when we do show up and stand up for our beliefs, we need to be civil and respectful. In the divisive climate we find ourselves in, the four pillars she mentions in her book - "People are hard to hate close up. Move in.", "Speak truth to bullshit. Be civil.", "Hold hands. With strangers.", and "Strong back. Soft front. Wild heart." are all topics we could be a little more versed in. Although I sort of wish I walked away with more 'how to' steps, it did raise quite a few great points - points I hope to simmer on and hopefully adjust my behavior accordingly. I would give it an 8 out of 10.

Feb 07, 2019

Brown's book took me several days to read as I had to read a concept, ponder it, and then let it rest a bit in my mind. Too often we are now in the inflame, blame, and defame mode rather than observing, engaging and understanding. We are on "send" not "receive". Maybe it is good to sometimes get a topic that is festering out in the open so that we can address it rather than letting it grow untouched under the surface.

Nov 01, 2018

A quick and easy read, Brown nevertheless nails a very important truth: our culture of separation, our "us against them" mentality, and our emphasis on the individual versus the collective good, in essence, our refusal to recognize how completely connected we all are, is destroying us.

Oct 02, 2018

While reading this book there were a few passages I enjoyed and that I thought would stick with me, but by the next chapter I couldn't remember what they were and overall this book was pretty unremarkable.

Cynthia_N May 11, 2018

This was an interesting book but I just didn't connect with it.

Jules101 May 11, 2018

I was drawn to the book by the title and initially surprised that is wasn’t about the wilderness as I had imagined. An open take on connection, belonging and living true to your heart in the reality of today’s world. I highly recommend this book!

Jan 25, 2018

So much truth in Ms Brown’s message.
Reese Witherspoon’s January 2018 book club pick.

Jan 16, 2018

Brene won my love with Daring Greatly yet this book fell short. She tried to talk about the difficulties of belonging to a group while staying true to yourself, but it was a muddled mess. The vignettes from her personal life were enthralling, though.

Dec 23, 2017

There is something that rings of insincerity and psychobabble in this book. Having said that, it may be helpful to some.

lindab1111 Dec 22, 2017

Brown begins by quoting Maya Angelou on personal freedom. Oh, well this should be interesting. She claims she doesn't want to zero in on the current political climate but that is exactly what she does. So this book is now about how to turn your armor around so it protects your back while trying to remain civil. I heard this as a short talk online. It was good. But it was not an entire book of good. The book meanders off and on topic. The most interesting and useful information was about why bull**** (don't know if I can use that word here) is more deadly than angry opposition. And we have a boatload of that stuff to wade through these days.

Nov 29, 2017

Brené Brown is personally responsible for curing my fear of self-help books, by bringing in an honest and approachable voice, relatable references, and backing it all up by research. Braving the Wilderness is a deeply personal call to action that bridges a gap between a quest for belonging and our deeply divided political climate.

Cheryl_in_IT Oct 19, 2017

An insightful and highly relevant, Brene Brown talks about the fault lines and fractures in our country's community and how to start bridging and healing those gaps. It is a quick read, and I loved the emphasis on shared experiences that are not at all related to politics or divisive issues.

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