Black Magic Sanction

Black Magic Sanction

Book - 2010
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May 09, 2015

book 8

Sep 01, 2012

If the rest of the series was this exciting I had better start at the beginning. But I want more action from her gargoyle!!!!!

Aug 15, 2012

My prediction: Rachel and Trent end up together. Business as usual with the rest of the story. Glad to have the other shoe drop on the Jenks storyline.

Jan 13, 2012

4.5 stars. SPOILER ALERT!!! I had a blast with the last 100 or so pages! I found this to be the best of the series so far. The action was great…I got annoyed once in a while but yet laughed out loud a few times too. Gave a big sigh of relief and anticipation when things got rolling, finally, with Pierce. Even though we know it won’t last. This book satisfies a few of our curiosities....yowzaah! When Pierce was all dark, scary powerful throughout the book I thought he was sexy & exciting but...yeah, I know, the good little Rachel we all know has troubles with that despite the fact that it saved her butt and brain many times!

It was annoying to me when she treated Pierce like crap despite all his unconditional protection. Even though she didn't trust him...yet...she could have been nicer. Now she will...

Criticizing his decisions was completely foolish in my opinion! After all the stupid decisions/actions she's undertaken? Gosh with the way witches can produce balls of fire in 2 seconds flat you'd think that one would become accustomed to making fast decisions and accepting their outcome. If they HAD got on that darn bus would the leprechaun have told Vivian that they had (by omission)? I think not. The overreaction with Lee...didn't Lee tap the line first? WHO CARES THAT HE BROKE A WINDOW MINUTES BEFORE SAVING IVY'S LIFE!

I'm sure many readers including me were very frustrated with the fairy war scene! God I was mad and rolling my eyes initially but then I understand where KH was going with that. Annoying as it (really, really) is, Rachel has to keep blood off her hands to feel good about herself esp. being what she is. Her Dad raised her to have rigid moral boundaries with her (earth) witchcraft. The fact that all ley line witches can easily be drawn by the black power has always been a deep-rooted fear of hers. Now she has more reason to fear what she can become. It's just NOT realistic however when vampire-like fairies are mercilessly attacking those you love!!! She’ll have to come up a curse that creates SLEEPY-TIME FOG to put everyone out cold without “hurting” anyone!

Rachel is NOT and, I believe, was never meant to be a kick-a$$ heroine. She is gutsy and impulsive but not a k-a…sad as that is for me! But now she has more freedom and accepts who she really is so maybe this will change. Maybe. (like KH would say…)

She’s also NOT gay so why do some readers still want her and Ivy together. “Friends” only…done.

This was certainly an exciting ride with lots of highs and lows but a very satisfying ending.

Can't wait to read Pale Demon!

Aug 28, 2011


Jan 21, 2011

This heroine is incompetent, mouths off with no ability to back her, and is truly stupid.

Nov 04, 2010

A fantastic read for any fan of the series. I think this may have been the best yet!

Jul 18, 2010

Latest Book in the Hollows series, and Harrison doesn't disappoint. Rachel's adventures continue to rise with danger and yet, she manages to keep the characters believeably flawed and lovable. I'm not going to spoil this one but have your tissues ready for the end of this one.

Jun 23, 2010

I really enjoyed this book, I feel like the world Kim has created is real and the characters are so real to me too. I felt like Rachel grew up some (though she still whines alot) and really enjoyed the scenes between Rachel and Al, Al is still delectably nasty and funny ("Ooooh! Books!"), Harrison's quirky sense of humor is still firmly in place (Ivy's secret vice: Nancy Drew books!), The book was mostly about Rachel and all her friends (and a few enemies) racing around frantically trying to stay alive or more to the point keep Rachel alive and themselves if they are within 10 feet of her. And while Harrison dips into tragedy about halfway through the book -- and she makes you feel every stab of grief. I cried big fat tears and felt my heart break. More ofvelusive Trent's facets are revealed. And Bis... is simply adorable. Love the gargoyle! Hope to see more of him in future books.

May 10, 2010

This story was very exciting, not a dull moment to read. However. Rachel going against what everyone is telling her is got a bit tedious. A delicious read nonetheless.

May 01, 2010

Kim Harrion contines to develop her Hollows series in this eigth installment. Rachel is still realing over her shunning for being a black witch. Her mother has moved away in orde to not be affected by the shunning. The Coven is also trying to snatch her out of Cincinnati in order to lobotomize and sterelize her. The lobotomy is to prevent her practicing black magic, but the sterilization has a more sinister purpose.

Rachel has realized that she is the genetic link between witches and demons. Becase of this her children will be demons.The Ravenwood virs (really an ancient elven curse) should have killed her as a child to prevent that from happening. The cure given to her by Trent's father has made her a menace to society.

Now Rachel is fighting off attacks from the Coven, trying to to keep her demon teacher Al happy, keep Trent off her case and deal with the return of her demon dealing ex-boy friend Nick, all while pushing away the romantic advances of the demon familiar Pierce. Things are going to get bumpy.

Mar 23, 2010

Rachel stumbles through a few more bad hair days with witches zapping at her.

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